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Finding scalable, immersive, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional virtual learning programs

By Kevin Himmel - June 18, 2020

Looking beyond Zoom to the technology that will change online learning

As a learning leader, it’s clear to you that leadership development is not immune to the sweeping changes caused by a global health crisis. And yet, you’re still responsible for providing programs that help leaders thrive – whether they’re in the office, in the field, or working remotely.

Effects of COVID-19 on Professional Development

While some stakeholders may put leadership development on the back burner until market conditions stabilize, the reality is that leadership development is more important now than ever. Leaders must quickly adapt their thinking, behavior, and communication to the new normal – and they need the right support to do it.

The three most common concerns about learning programs today are:

  • Cost, because budgets have been cut and may remain thin for the foreseeable future;
  • Efficacy, because online learning is the only option, and most lack the rigor and engagement to change behavior and improve performance;
  • Deployment, because employees are homebound (and perhaps spread across the world), making implementation and logistics more complex.

Finding a Virtual Solution That’s Worth the Investment

Technology makes it possible to overcome these challenges and continue meeting your leadership development goals in our new normal. Many are turning to eLearning and VILT (virtual instructor-led training) as a digital alternative to traditional learning models. However, these methods lose momentum quickly because they lack important engaging qualities. Massive Multiplayer Virtual Platforms are the next generation of learning technologies as we seek solutions that go “beyond Zoom.”

When learning is designed to fit the learner’s environment and psychology, big impact is on the other side. Massive Multiplayer Virtual Platforms bring to life what participants like about classroom (peer learning, coaching, team and individual immersive activities) and online learning (scale, data analytics, and flexibility).

What to Look For in Your MMVP

Not all Massive Multiplayer Virtual Platforms are created equal. These solutions are most effective when they combine relevant and personalized content, intuitive technology, and smart analytics. Here are a few questions to ask to help you achieve maximum impact in your next virtual learning program:

  • Does the platform include varied types of simulations (micro-sims, team-based sims, behavioral sims)?
  • Is there a robust data and analytics platform that captures data useful to the participant and to the organization?
  • Is the program personalized to your organization and to the participants, providing helpful recommendations based on unique needs?
  • Is there a social component, providing ways to interact with and learn from others?

If you’re ready to launch a leadership development program that delivers rich learning with reach across the globe, The Regis Company is here to help you thrive in the new normal. Take our solution finder quiz to get a tailored leadership development program starter kit that will help you define and tackle your learning goals.


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