Preparing for an unknown future with

Scenario Planning Strategies


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In this video keynote from learning expert Mike Vaughan on Scenario Planning: a deceptively simple concept that can help future-proof your business by preparing your leaders to thrive under personal, professional, and market pressures. 

Once a formula used only by high-end consultants, these tools are now available for all leaders to enhance their coping skills, prepare for an uncertain future, and practice new ways of thinking.  

During this presentation, you’ll learn how L&D professionals can leverage the tools of Scenario Planning to help leaders be more proactive, decisive, and confident with their decisions. Some of the benefits of Scenario Planning you’ll hear in this keynote include:

  • Immediate value for business stakeholders because employees work on real business problems while learning valuable new skills
  • Instilling a growth mindset
  • Creating organizational unity by evaluating and incorporating perspectives from different groups or divisions
  • Enhancing leader resilience, stress management, and strategic adaptive behaviors  


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