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Leadership Development Simulations: Friday Top Five

By Bethany Kemp - August 17, 2018

This week's compilation by The Regis Company brings together articles focused on the topic of leadership development simulations. We’ve rounded up articles on everything from specific instances when simulations should be considered along with the "good" stress that business simulations bring to bring to its participants.

From Hult News: Business simulations: what can you learn from games?

“There is value in knowing what you should do – and that’s where the case study method comes in. But there is much to be gained from knowing what you actually do in certain situations and learning from your own success or failures. What you say you’d do and what you actually do are often very different.”

From Ernest Kwame Gyimah: The stress of a business simulation

“This simulation was about developing a viable and competitive business strategy, building and reviewing our own models and also enhancing our people skills, as the simulation was very interactive. There was an enormous degree of freedom to organize our businesses and negotiate both within and outside our companies to get things done."

From Andrew Hughes: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Simulations In Corporation Training

Leadership development simulations "are highly effective tools to impart training. They are popular among corporate learners because they allow employees to practice their skills and guide them through scenarios in real time. Simulated learning can include images, graphics, and sound to create a game-like environment for the learners. Corporate training plans should include business simulations so that employees can acquire relevant skills without any risk."

From Christopher Pappas: When To Include Online Training Simulations: 6 Instances to Consider

“There are myriad of articles, books, videos, and other resources which tout the benefits of online training simulations. Not only do they boost productivity and improve task proficiency, but they also give corporate learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world environments and situations."

From Arunima Majumdar: The Value of Simulations When Creating eLearning Solutions For Application Training

"Simulations for application training make the learner better prepared and help them master the application before starting actual work on it – making sure that the learner is more confident and is able to churn out adequate work standard as well as output."

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