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Leadership Development Training Programs: Friday Top Five

By Bethany Kemp - July 20, 2018

Leadership development training programs may be one of the most important things any company does. To keep you informed on leadership training, we'll present you with the Friday Top Five—some of the most informative articles from the week that cover corporate leadership programs and learning and development training.  This week, we've rounded up industry articles, including one on how to develop effective leadership training programs for salespeople by utilizing three specific approaches.

From Jack J. Phillips: Providing Results Executives (and Others) Will Love

"Executives want to see the business value of learning programs. Demonstrating the business value of learning is a process that must permeate the learning cycle, starting with why?"

From Josh Bersin: The Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm for Business Leadership

"People can help business leaders think about their companies as 'social enterprises' — institutions that integrate and invest in the entire community — and also as businesses that operate in a holistic and integrated way. This is more than just being a 'good' company; it often means stepping up to the responsibility people expect leaders to take."

From Mike Prokopeak: Change on the Horizon for Executive Education

"The top three priorities for that spending are consistent year over year. Organizations want to use executive development to grow the succession pipeline, retain high-potential employees and foster innovation and creative thinking."

Leadership Development Training Programs for Sales

From Dayna Williams: 3 Approaches to Execute Integrated Sales Learning

"… salespeople prefer an integrated approach. Although integration has the propensity to turn into a complex endeavor, with some thoughtful planning, it doesn’t have to. A good place to start is with some honest discovery—or, perhaps, rediscovery."

From Jaeques Koeman: Why Talent Development Shouldn’t Fear AI

"Bottom line: while it is impressive what AI can do, it cannot think for itself. Instead, developers train AI systems to make decisions based on a massive amount of data."

If any of these articles have impacted your thinking or approach to how you will implement your leadership development training programs, please let us know!

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