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Leading, learning, and playing: The Regis way

By Christine Rasch-Chabot - July 11, 2019

Most organizations are, at some point, faced with providing teaching experiences to employees in subject areas that are not the most interesting. Does that mean that they need to be boring? The answer is: Not at all!

At The Regis Company, we are leaders in using gamification to design meaningful, yet fun, learning experiences for our clients. Gamification is a highly effective method for delivering interactive and engaging learning and leadership development experiences.

Recently, a client came to us with a need to create a ninety-minute module for a new human resources performance management process. This client required the information to reach a large, global audience in an impactful way that would be absorbed and, most importantly, retained for future application.

Our solution: A simulation-based module that took participants through the storyline of an extraterrestrial planet where they followed clues to solve puzzles and competed against one another. It was from within this gamified environment that they reviewed and practiced the new human resources management process. Participants had the opportunity to engage with learning through a game that, unlike the regular compliance trainings they are accustomed to, created a meaningful, stimulating, and fun experience.

Perhaps your organization doesn’t have the appetite to build a simulation that takes participants into outer space. But that shouldn’t prevent you from implementing gamified elements into your teachings or leadership development programs.

Get creative! Start by thinking of ways to introduce elements of competition or challenge scenarios into the information you are teaching. From there, consider the games that you enjoyed as a child or enjoy now and find inspiration in the power of playing. You’ll be amazed how a far a little gamification can go in taking your company’s teaching needs and transforming them into rich learning experiences.

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