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Two Factors That Will Define the Next Generation of Learning Technology

By The Regis Company - March 30, 2021

Though digital transformation is nothing new, only 22% of companies were ready for mass remote working prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, according to the World Economic Forum pulse survey.

Learning and development was no exception. Live learning came to a screeching halt – and even programs that could be conducted online soon gave rise to the dreaded Zoom Fatigue.

A new kind of learning technology is needed to tackle today’s leadership development challenges. It comes down to two deceptively simple factors: richness and reach. Let’s take a look at the chart below to better understand these factors.

In short, the next generation of learning technology must capture the engagement and immersion of live learning, as well as the reach and accessibility of eLearning platforms.


Richness is defined as the impact of the learning. Along the Richness axis, you will see the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and creation). The higher on the Richness axis a solution falls, the greater the depth of learning.


The Reach axis describes the number of people who participate in the training. The further to the right a solution falls, the greater the number of participants.

The next generation of learning technology

The model above maps leadership development offerings, with quadrants I, II, and III representing the most common solutions in the market today. Quadrant IV encompasses an emerging class of powerful solutions. These solutions can be deployed via immersive virtual platforms that leaders can access anytime, anywhere – with true-to-life content designed to engage leaders at every level. Simply put, the crux of leadership development now lies in the richness and reach of the next generation of learning technology.

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